Dictionary of Modern Proverbs

9780300136029THE DICTIONARY OF MODERN PROVERBS is the first book of its kind, and its compilers–Charles Clay Doyle, Wolfgang Mieder, and Fred R. Shapiro–are the first to make extensive use of the most up-to-date research technology.

Users of THE DICTIONARY OF MODERN PROVERBS are invited to submit modern proverbs (one originating since 1900) that the compilers may have overlooked, or earlier instances of the proverbs that are recorded in the dictionary.

Submit a Proverb

Please use the space below to contribute a possible addition to the proverbs included in THE DICTIONARY OF MODERN PROVERBS, or an earlier dating, or any other comment. Include as much information as possible about each instance cited of each proverb (where precisely it appears in a book, article, play, poem, speech, film, television show, cartoon, song etc.).

If you have specific questions about The Dictionary of Modern Proverbs, please contact one of the compilers directly by e-mail:: cdoyle@uga.edu, wmieder@uvm.edu, or fred.shapiro@yale.edu

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“An astounding masterwork that comprehensively documents the proverb as fundamental expressions of ourselves in contemporary culture and communication. More than that, this masterwork is a portal into the very idea of modernity”–Simon J. Bronner, editor of the Encyclopedia of American Folklife

“This exhaustive and delightful study of contemporary proverbs offers succinct stories of expressions that have infiltrated our vernacular. Whether penned by politicians or rhymed by hip-hop artists, the evolution of each of the proverbs is documented with great care.”—Patricia A. Turner, University of California-Davis

“Doyle, Mieder and Shapiro have their act together and tell it like it is, bringing the study of proverbs into the 21st Century.”–Jan Harold Brunvand, author of The Truth Never Stands in the Way of a Good Story.

“It’s a fabulous book, certainly the most enjoyable one I’ve read this year.”—Ben Yagoda, The Chronicle of Higher Education, Lingua Franca blog