Meet the Editor

fred150Fred R. Shapiro is a world-recognized authority on quotations and on reference in general. He edited the award-winning Oxford Dictionary of American Legal Quotations, and his researches on quotations and words have been the subject of numerous articles in the New York Times and other media, including a front-page profile in the Wall Street Journal. He was the principal investigator for a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation for study of the applications of Internet resources for research into quotations and terminology.

Fred Shapiro is coeditor of Trial and Error: An Oxford Anthology of Legal Stories and editor of Stumpers!: Answers to Hundreds of Questions That Stumped the Experts and four other books. He is a major contributor to the Oxford English Dictionary and has published numerous articles on language, law, and information science. He is associate librarian and lecturer in legal research at Yale Law School.

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